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Eligibility for Swim Meets

All registered summer swimmers are eligible for all swim meets. Meets are held on Saturday, with an occasional meet on Sunday. They generally run from 9:00am to 4:30pm with warm ups starting at 7:45am.

Attendance at Swim Meets

Swimmers are required to attend 2 swim meets (your choice of dates, excluding time trials, during the season). All swimmers will be entered in the swim meets for each week, and if you choose not to participate, you will be asked to notify the coaches via email of this (a reminder to do this will be included in the weekly newsletters). A few days prior to that weekend, the coaches will send out an email to everyone with the updated list of participants that are going to be entered for the meets that weekend. If you are entered in a meet, but are unable to attend, please notify your coach as soon as possible.


Each swim meet, with the exception of the Provincials, is designated as either a Template A or Template B. The events that make up each template are given in the following table.

At the Meets

Meets are lots of fun but they are long days. They are run in every sort of weather except thunder and lightening storms, so you must be prepared. To ensure a successful day, review the following tips.

  • Check In. Report to your coaches upon arrival at the pool and check in early enough to attend warm-ups.
  • Stay close by. Know the events in which you are swimming. Swimmers must be available when their event is marshalled or they may miss their swim.
  • Support your teammates. Watch for your team members and cheer them on during their swim.
  • Show good sportsmanship. Never boo or negatively criticize your teammates or those of other teams.
  • Respect the decisions of the meet officials. If there appears to be a problem with an official’s decision, the coaches will address it, following a specific appeals process. (Remember that every official at every meet is a volunteer.)
  • Be prepared. A swim meet can be a long day. Meet facilities are equipped with washrooms and canteens. However it is advisable to pack the following:
    • Portable chairs
    • Extra towels
    • Extra clothing
    • Rain gear, just in case
    • Cooler filled with healthy snacks and plenty to drink.
    • Most of the meet sites have areas where small tents can be set up to provide a place to get out of the weather, be it hot or cold, dry or wet.
    • Sunscreen
  • Be a good guest. At the end of the day collect all personal belongings and place all garbage in the provided receptacles.